Quality of Cheap Stock Photos: Are they Worth the Effort?

cheap stock photosSince we have already learned that the quality of cheap stock photos can affect the quality of the end products, it is important that we inform ourselves about quality in terms of cheap stock photography. The most common concern of designers, bloggers and other creative professionals is the cost of stock images and their effect in photo quality. Can cheap stock images successfully create an effective marketing or advertising piece? The answer is – yes.

Depending on a few factors such as the intended application of the photos, resolution, size and relevance of the stock photo cheap to your subject matter, cheap stock photos can create an effective and successful advertising and marketing campaign. The quality of stock photos cheap can vary greatly. If used in the right way, they can be worth the extra time required to find the perfect image.

  • Subject Quality. The quality of the subject is an important factor in determining the effectiveness of cheap photos. While it can take a fair amount of time to find what you are looking for among millions of other choices, it is well worth your time. Thankfully, some cheap stock photos sites feature easy-to-use search tools that allow you to browse through pages of photos relevant to your niche through keywords.
  • Physical Quality. Another factor in determining the efficiency of cheap stock images in advertising and marketing is physical quality. Cheap stock photos range between $1 and $10 per image. You can use the low resolution, which is 72 dpi (dots per inch) for digital presentation only. If you need photos for print, you need higher resolution images with 150 to 300 dpi to achieve decent results.  

Cheap stock photo sites offer a wide variety, royalty-free licensing, and high quality design elements. They provide a viable solution for budget-minded creative professionals. So, what should they do to get the most value for their investment? They need to consider some factors when getting cheap stock images, including selection, price, licensing and quality.

cheap stock imagesCheap stock photo sites with millions of creative files give you a wide range of choices. If they have a good selection of images, you can be confident that your creative needs will be well covered. They often pre-screen images to weed out the substandard ones. They offer royalty-free cheap stock images, giving you freedom in usage. For an image to be considered cheap, it should cost between $1 and $10.

If you have been tasked to layout designs through photographic elements, you can use cheap stock images. Even if you are given very little budget, have no fear. Cheap stock photo sites provide millions of high quality images for your creative projects. Due to the increasing number of stock photo agencies and the proliferation of their libraries, buying stock photo cheap has become a viable alternative to expensive, traditional stock photo offerings.

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