Why Is It Important to Get a Social Media Icon Pack?

Having social media buttons is a way to get readers engaged. It allows them to share your ideas and thoughts, especially if they agree with them. For instance, when readers love your blog, they want to share it to the world. If your website has no sharing capabilities, what happens then? As a company, you will lose your credibility because you cannot show off how good you are in your field.

Here are three key reasons why you should get a social media icon pack:

  • Link Building. Search engines are getting smarter nowadays, making it more difficult for people to find your business. While you need quality links that point back to your website, you also need to build links for your social networks to assist your overall presence online. A social media icon pack helps build search relevance for your business by linking users to different social channels.
  • Improve your ranking in search results. Adding social media icons on your website increases the chance that users will find your website when they search on search engines. It provides them with information that search engines can use to help determine the relevance of your website to a user query.
  • A social media icon pack in use makes it easy for users to find your links, so they can interact with you. Icons are commonly placed on top, bottom or sides and stays with users throughout the webpages.

Since being active on social media channels help you build a solid audience, getting a social media icon pack is a must. It allows your users to find you with greatest ease and lets them make connections across the web. In a word, social media icons maximize your presence and make sure you get the largest number of audience. What are you waiting for? Visit www.icontail.com and get your social media icon pack now!

Get Your iStockphoto Promo Code Now for a 20% Discount

iStock-590x392What is better than having access to millions of stock images for your projects? Getting a 20% discount on them, that’s what. iStockphoto is currently offering this discount on their service.

What is iStockphoto?

IStockphoto is a service that provides access to millions of stock photos and other images, including videos, illustrations, and movie clips. Users can download these images and use them in projects, presentations, or anywhere else they desire. Although iStockphoto already offers phenomenal prices, they are currently offering 20% their service, making their prices even more unbelievable.


Users can purchase credits with which they can download images. There are many options available so users can choose the one what is most beneficial for their needs. Infrequent users can buy as few as three credits. Those who use many images can choose as many as 300. The more credits you purchase, the less each one costs and they never expire.

Monthly subscription


Although iStockphoto offers reasonable rates for single-use images, they also offer an even more economical subscription program for people who need to download images from the Internet on a frequent basis. For a low monthly fee, users can have access to the images and use them in whatever way they see fit. The two most common subscriptions are for their basic images, which is the “Essentials” package and a higher level that includes their higher-end images known as the “Signature Subscription”. New subscribers can now receive a 20% discount on either of these subscription choices. If neither subscription choice is sufficient for your needs, there is no need to worry. A simple phone call can lead you on your way to a customized subscription that will work better for you.

How does a subscription save you money?

The subscription level has the best rates on photos, vectors, and illustrations. Further, unused downloads can now be rolled over and used in future months. These two features already offer a great deal. Now, with the iStockphoto promo code, you can save an additional 20% off already awesome prices. It is a no-lose proposition.

If you need downloadable photos, graphics, illustrations, or other images, and you like to save money, you need to check out iStockphoto today. Now is the perfect time to use the iStockphoto promo code. The only thing you have to lose is 20%.

Quality of Cheap Stock Photos: Are they Worth the Effort?

cheap stock photosSince we have already learned that the quality of cheap stock photos can affect the quality of the end products, it is important that we inform ourselves about quality in terms of cheap stock photography. The most common concern of designers, bloggers and other creative professionals is the cost of stock images and their effect in photo quality. Can cheap stock images successfully create an effective marketing or advertising piece? The answer is – yes.

Depending on a few factors such as the intended application of the photos, resolution, size and relevance of the stock photo cheap to your subject matter, cheap stock photos can create an effective and successful advertising and marketing campaign. The quality of stock photos cheap can vary greatly. If used in the right way, they can be worth the extra time required to find the perfect image.

  • Subject Quality. The quality of the subject is an important factor in determining the effectiveness of cheap photos. While it can take a fair amount of time to find what you are looking for among millions of other choices, it is well worth your time. Thankfully, some cheap stock photos sites feature easy-to-use search tools that allow you to browse through pages of photos relevant to your niche through keywords.
  • Physical Quality. Another factor in determining the efficiency of cheap stock images in advertising and marketing is physical quality. Cheap stock photos range between $1 and $10 per image. You can use the low resolution, which is 72 dpi (dots per inch) for digital presentation only. If you need photos for print, you need higher resolution images with 150 to 300 dpi to achieve decent results.  

Cheap stock photo sites offer a wide variety, royalty-free licensing, and high quality design elements. They provide a viable solution for budget-minded creative professionals. So, what should they do to get the most value for their investment? They need to consider some factors when getting cheap stock images, including selection, price, licensing and quality.

cheap stock imagesCheap stock photo sites with millions of creative files give you a wide range of choices. If they have a good selection of images, you can be confident that your creative needs will be well covered. They often pre-screen images to weed out the substandard ones. They offer royalty-free cheap stock images, giving you freedom in usage. For an image to be considered cheap, it should cost between $1 and $10.

If you have been tasked to layout designs through photographic elements, you can use cheap stock images. Even if you are given very little budget, have no fear. Cheap stock photo sites provide millions of high quality images for your creative projects. Due to the increasing number of stock photo agencies and the proliferation of their libraries, buying stock photo cheap has become a viable alternative to expensive, traditional stock photo offerings.